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Wizards Figurines

Wizards by Windstone

Cat Wizard Autumn Colors Statue WE-404-AU

Cat Wizard Autumn Colors Statue
This is a Limited production of our Cat Wizard wearing fall colors! This jet black cat is dressed in robes of metallic Autumn colors. He wears an amethyst Swarovski jewel set into the clasp of his cloak.
Price: $224.00

Large Wizard Peacock Finish WE-601-P

Large Wizard Peacock Finish
Large Wizard painted in Peacock with metallic gold trim. He has a small green dragon on his shoulder and he holds a faceted swarovski globe.
Price: $368.00

Small Peacock Wizard WE-602-P

Small Peacock Wizard
Small Wizard in Peacock. He has a small swarovski crystal globe on the top of his staff that has a rainbow reflection.
Price: $120.00