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Candlelamps by Windstone Editions. Artist M. Peña has created many beautiful candle-lit sculptures. Displaying character and charm these candlelamps will make an engaging and commanding centerpiece for any occasion or simply lend a wonderful light and mood to intimate spaces.
Candlelamps make Unique Gifts and Collectibles and are made from Gypsum Stone our collection includes the Vampire Bat, Dragon, Bad Cat, Good Cat, Owl, Wizard Cat, Circle of Cats, Spirit Wolf, Ark Animals, Sitting Cat, Crouching Cat, Wolf Council and Grimalkin lamps. The all-time favorite is the Trio of Cats Candlelamps! We also have in our collection Bear Feet, Fletcher and Dexter bunny Candlelamps, Parliament of Owls, Hippogriffs, Trio of Dragons, Dragon Sconces Votives, Lion Sconce, Hand-Held Dragon Sconces, Winged Cat Sconce, Gargoyle Sconces, Owls and Sea Fire Mermaid Sconces, Wolf Sconces and Leaf Cat Sconces.
A unique and unforgettable world of fantasy where Unicorns roam, Wizards rule, Dragons stalk and cats have wings. Our sculptures are museum reproduction quality. Made from the finest gypsum stone, and hand-painted by skilled crafts persons in Northern Hollywood, California. The attention to detail means that each Wizard breathes life, each Dragon breathes fire! Your adventure has just begun

Bad Cat Candlelamp WE-2005

Bad Cat Candlelamp WE-2005
The mouth and yellow glass eyes of this bad tempered Bad Cat Candlelamp glow red with light from a votive candle. Stone finish. For indoor use only. Includes candle and glass votive.

Price: $67.00

Bear Feet Candlelamp WE-2022

Bear Feet Candlelamp
Our Bear Feet Candlelamp cast in natural mineral stone, hand painted and shipped complete with candle and glass votive.
Price: $48.00

Circle of Cats Candlelamp WE-2009

Circle of Cats Candlelamp
Our Circle of Cats Candlelamp has seven cats that are probably up to something around a glass votive candle holder and candle - included. Painted in stone finish.
Price: $60.00

Crouching Cat Candlelamp WE-2015

Crouching Cat Candlelamp WE-2015
This small Crouching Cat Candlelamp watches life with a burning intensity. Stone finish.
Price: $40.00

Dexter Bunny Candlelamp WE-2024

Dexter Bunny Candlelamp
Dexter is a tan and white Dutch bunny that carries a votive candle, included. He has a stone like texture.
Price: $50.00

Fletcher Bunny Candlelamp WE-2023

Fletcher Bunny Candlelamp
Fletcher is a black and white Dutch bunny that carries a votive candle (included). He has a stone like texture.
Price: $50.00

Good Cat Candlelamp WE-2006

Good Cat Candlelamp
The blue glass eyes of this angelic Good Cat Candlelamp shine with benevolent light from a clear glass votive candle.
Price: $67.00

Grimalkin Candlelamp - Spooky WE-2017-SP

Grimalkin Candlelamp - Spooky
The outside of this dramatic Grimalkin candlelamp is painted black to contrast with the fiery metallic copper and gold that surrounds the inner votive glass and candle.
Price: $71.00

Hippogriff Candlelamp WE-2026

Hippogriff Candlelamp
This majestic hippogriff ponders his odd parentage while holding a tulip shaped red votive glass and candle, included.
Price: $92.00

Ivory Inner Light Dragon Candlelamp WE-2003-I

Ivory Inner Light Dragon Candlelamp
This is the Inner Light Dragon candlelamp in Ivory. Light from the votive candle shines up out of the top of this cauldron-like dragon sculpture as well as through her clear blue glass eyes and the crystal ball she is holding.
Price: $72.00

Owl Candlelamp WE-2007

Owl Candlelamp
Our Owl Candlelamp burns with inner fire. Glass eyes glow with the light from a glass votive candle. Stone finish.
Price: $43.00

Parliament of Owls Candlelamp WE-2025

Parliament of Owls Candlelamp
A think tank of owls are startled by their conclusions around a votive candle, included. Stone finish.
Price: $97.00

Sitting Cat Candlelamp WE-2014

Sitting Cat Candlelamp
This Sitting Cat Candlelamp sits proudly while his eyes glow with candle light. Stone finish. Includes candle and glass votive.
Price: $55.00

Trio of Cats Candlelamp WE-2019

Trio of Cats Candlelamp
The three cats that make up our Trio of Cats Candlelamp appear quite secure and satisfied in the warmth of their central votive candle. Stone finish.
Price: $76.00

Trio of Dragons Candlelamp WE-2027

Trio of Dragons Candlelamp
In our Trio of Dragons Candlelamp three dragons form a triskelion design around a votive candle . Stone finish.
Price: $91.00

Vampire Bat Candlelamp WE-2001

Vampire Bat Candlelamp
That's not a Vampire Bat Candlelamp! I didn't name this thing! This is a very cute, stone-finish somewhat bat-like gargoyle. Candle light shines through his mouth and his red glass eyes.
Price: $64.00