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CAS Hanwei Medieval Swords Philippine Line

The CAS Iberia Philippine Line of Functional Battle Ready Swords have now been re-designed and are made by CAS Hanwei! These include the Scottish Dirk, Mercenary Sword, Agincourt Sword, Hand and a Half, Lionheart, Celtic, River Witham, War Sword and the great warrior king Henry V's sword.


Duke of Exeter Sword 136-075-VA

Duke of Exeter Sword 136-075-VA
The Duke of Exeter Sword, is named after the Duke of Exeter, the uncle to King Henry V. With its 28 inch cut & thrust style blade, this sword typifies the style of armament that served the English king and his men at the battle of Agincourt.

Sku:136-075-VA  Regular Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $150.00 

Henry V Sword SH2369

Henry V Sword SH2369
The Henry V Sword is modeled after the sword hung over the tomb of one of England’s great warrior kings.

Sku:SH2369  Price: $220.00 

Kris Sword - Lantik 29-SR-529

Kris Sword - Lantik 29-SR-529
The Kris Sword - Lantik are believed to have originated in the 13th century on the island of Java in the Indonesian archipelago, and migrated to the Philippines, Malaysia, and various Southeast Asian countries.

Sku: 29-SR-529  Price: $132.00 

Scimitar SH2354

Scimitar SH2354 CAS Hanwei
Our Scimitar from Hanwei with deeply curved blade, hardwood grip, and hawksbill pommel are typical of the original Scimitars and create the perfect balance for Eastern belly dance practitioners.

Sku:SH2354  Price: $179.00