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CAS Iberia Swords and Sabers

British Infantry Officers Sword SNB2

British Infantry Officers Sword SNB2
Our British Infantry Officers sword, is an 1879 pattern developed towards the end of the reign of Queen Victoria, is the pattern still carried today.
Price: $225.00

Hutton Sabre SH2201

Hutton Sabre SH2201 Paul Chen, Hanwei
Hutton Sabre - A proponent of the French school of fencing, Alfred Hutton was a British fencing master that did much to modernize sabre technique as it was fenced at the time.
Price: $140.00

Revolutionary War Hanger 29-SH2375

Revolutionary War Hanger SH2375 Paul Chen, Hanwei Museum replica
Our Revolutionary War Hanger (or Cutte) is accurately sized and antiqued to replicate a museum piece. Fully tempered, high carbon steel blade, distal taper, functional Revolutionary War Sword.
Price: $280.00

Scimitar SH2354

Scimitar SH2354 CAS Hanwei
Our Scimitar from Hanwei with deeply curved blade, hardwood grip, and hawksbill pommel are typical of the original Scimitars and create the perfect balance for Eastern belly dance practitioners.
Price: $190.00