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Generation 2 / Legacy Arms: Swords and Daggers

Legacy Arms leading the way in affordable swords and daggers. This company creates tough, well made items for Medieval Sword fans. 5160 steel blades are all tempered with a robust apple seed edge. Most hilts are constructed in steel unless noted and the hand grips are leather covered wood. All tangs are peened onto the pommel. With the impressive fit and finish of Legacy Arms products you would expect to pay twice the price!


12th Century Medieval Sword IP-003-2

12th Century Medieval Sword IP-003-2
Our newest Generation 2 design. 12th Century Medieval Sword - (Original: c. 1100 - 1250 Northern Europe, Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow.)

Sku:IP-003-2  Price: $279.00 

8th Century Viking Sword IP-033-2

8th Century Viking Sword IP-033-2
8th Century Viking Sword is fashioned after an Eighth Century Design. This Viking Sword has polished 31 inch blade with fuller, hardwood handle, solid steel pommel, cross guard, full tang wood scabbard with steel accents.

Sku:IP-033-2  Price: $279.00 

Black Prince Sword IP-076-2

Black Prince Sword
The Historical Black Prince Sword is a Late 14th century Hand and a Half Sword (Type: XVa) The original sword, rests in a private collection in England.

Sku:IP-076-2  Price: $279.00 

Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword IP-084-2

Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword
This Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword responds to the customers demands created by the popularity of Celtic reenactment. Includes anthropomorphic hilt and leaf-shaped blade.

Sku:IP-084-2  Price: $229.00 

Chaos Fantasy Dagger IP-047-2

Chaos Fantasy Battle Dagger IP-047-2
This great Matching Chaos Battle is a companion to the very popular Chaos Battle Sword and a must to complete the collection.

Sku:IP-047-2  Price: $126.00 

Chaos Fantasy Sword IP-037-2

Chaos Fantasy Sword IP-037-2
Our newest Generation 2 design the Chaos Fantasy Sword. This fantasy sword features a gold underlay with leather wrapped handle.

Sku:IP-037-2  Price: $279.00 

Irish Companion Dagger IP-002-2

Irish Companion Dagger IP-002-2
The Irish Sword Companion Dagger. This very light piece is made just like our popular sword and will go well with the sword you have.

Sku:IP-002-2  Price: $126.00 

Irish hand-and-a-half sword IP-001-2

Irish hand-and-a-half sword IP-001-2
Our Generation 2 Irish hand-and-a-half sword design, upgraded to Steel-to-Steel capability. Dating around 1475 - 1525 A.D. It features a full tang construction, high carbon blade.

Sku:IP-001-2  Price: $279.00 

Knights Riding Sword, Type XVI IP-705-2

Knights Riding Sword, Type XVI IP-705-2
Generation 2 design Knight's Riding Sword - According to Ewart Oakeshott. "Records of the Medieval Sword", page 151 An identical one is shown on two early 14th century effigies in Germany.

Sku:IP-705-2  Price: $229.00 

Ranger Dagger PS-702

Ranger Dagger
Ranger Dagger from Pro Sword - Handmade, forged, and tempered 1060 high carbon steel• Blade and all metal parts are hand polished to a high finish • Full length fuller.

Sku:PS-702  Price: $126.00 

Robert The Bruce Claymore Battle Ready Sword IP-069-2

Robert The Bruce Claymore Sharp Battle Ready Sword IP-069-2 Generation 2 Legacy Arms
The Robert the Bruce Claymore or Steel Hilt Claymore features a Madagascar ebony handle with steel rings and the diamond- section quillons found on many period pieces. Functional and Battle Ready Sword.

Sku:IP-069-2  Price: $315.00 

Roman Maintz Gladius Sword IP-023-2

Roman Maintz Gladius Sword IP-023-2
Another winning Generation 2 Roman design the Roman Maintz Gladius Sword. Most Early versions of the Roman Gladius were wasp waisted with a long point.

Sku:IP-023-2  Price: $209.00 

Scottish Dirk IP-130-2

Scottish Dirk IP-130-2
This Scottish Dirk is fashioned after a Fifteenth Century Design. This beautiful dagger has highly polished steel blade with strong tang peened to the pommel.

Sku:IP-130-2  Price: $139.00 

Seax Knife Lombard Scramseax IP-131-2

Seax Knife Lombard Scramseax
History of the Seax Knife. A scramseax (also scramsax, scramseaxe, scramaseax, scramasax, scramaseaxe and sometimes referred to as simply scram, seax or sax) was a type of Germanic single-edged knife.

Sku:IP-131-2  Price: $139.00 

Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword IP-003A-2

Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword IP-003A-2
Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword, 12th Century with simple cruciform hilt and blade length made it easy for ground fighting as well from horse back. High carbon spring steel blade. Includes Scabbard.

Sku:IP-003A-2  Price: $289.00 

Teutonic Knight Dagger IP-103A

Teutonic Knight Dagger IP-103a-2
The Generation 2 /Legacy Arms Teutonic Crusader Dagger features a black cross to match our Teutonic Knight Sword.

Sku:IP-103A-2  Price: $126.00 

William Wallace Claymore Battle Ready Sword IP-068-2

Wallace Claymore Battle Ready Sword IP-068-2 Generation 2 - Legacy Arms
The Wallace Claymore or Sword. William Wallace and his band of lowland scots routed an English force of 50,000 at Stirling Castle in 1297. Fully Functional and Battle Ready Sword. 

Sku:IP-068-2  Price: $315.00