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Wench Wear

Wench Wear
In the old English language Wench simply meant Women. Today the innocent apprentice wench and bold pirate hussy alike can deck themselves out in the fun, comfortable garments we call Wench Wear. We use comfortable fabrics and sturdy construction for outfits that will look great for years to come.

Alvilda Striped Skirt 22-C1089

Alvilda Striped Skirt
Our Alvilda Striped Skirt, in 100% Cotton, features the striped design and zig-zag hem so often seen in pirates of the silver screen. Elastic at the waist for comfortable wearing and layering.
Price: $69.95

Anne Bonney Striped Blouse 22-C1080

Anne Bonney Striped Blouse
Our Anne Bonney striped blouse is made with 100% cotton. The puffed sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder, with the help of a drawstring at the neckline. 
Price: $59.95

Ashaki Skirt 22-C1020

Ashaki Skirt
Our Ashaki Skirt is made from rayon fabric. It has 2 overlapping, juxtaposed layers. Elastic and drawstring at waist for easy wearing.
Price: $44.95

Bar Wench Set VL-WENCH1

Bar Wench Set VL-WENCH1
The Bar Wench Set (as pictured) includes our reversible Twill Bodice, Ruffled Chemise , Floppy Hat and Two Gathered Skirts.
Price: $287.00

Barbarossa Blouse 22-C1019

Barbossa Blouse
Our Barbarossa Blouse is made from rayon crepe fabric. It has a plunging V-shape neckline with frills around the neck and down the front. Loose-fit sleeves have a frill at wrist.
Price: $44.95

Brigadier General Hook Wench Set VL-WENCH4

Brigadier General Hook Wench Set VL-WENCH4
The Brigadier General Hook Wench Set (as pictured) includes our Capitano Hat, reversible Twill Bodice, Black Renaissance Shirt, Medieval Ring Belt and Hosen.
Price: $295.00

Catrain Peasant Blouse 22-C1153

Catrain Peasant Blouse
In the Catrain Peasant Blouse, even a poor peasant girl can't help but look enticing to a passing noble.
Price: $49.95


Our Celtic Dress is similar to the dresses worn by women of the Rhine-Danube Valley who wore this cotton dress over a lein or chemise. Boned in front for dramatic push-up shaping.
Price: $190.00

Cherry Crepe Blouse 22-C1154

Cherry Crepe Blouse
The crinkled cotton fabric keeps you cool at fair, while the waterfall bell sleeves, and neckline trimmed with lace add femininity and grace. The elastic neckline offers the option to wear the blouse on or off-shoulder.
Price: $54.95

Child's Irish Dress

Child's Irish Dress VL-CIRISHD
Our Child's Irish Dress is perfect for the lass on hot days. Bodice area reversible to black. Wear with your favorite chemise and a brightly-colored Gathered Skirt.
Price: $80.00

Child's Jeweled Bodice VL-CJBOD

Child's Jeweled Bodice VL-CJBOD
Our Child's Jeweled Bodice features jewels for the girls to show off anywhere.Bodice is lined in twill, and laces up the back. Wear with our gathered skirt or with hosen and boots. Machine wash, tumble dry.
Price: $105.00

Child's Lock Lace Bodice VL-CLLBOD

Child's Lock Lace Bodice VL-CLLBOD
Our Child's Lock Lace Bodice features lacing the grommets up the back sides and front allows for custom fitting. Made of our durable cotton twill and trimmed in gold gimp, our bodice is engineered to last for years.
Price: $70.00

Country Wench Ensemble VL-WENCH5

Country Wench Ensemble VL-WENCH5
The Country Wench Ensemble (as pictured) includes our Capitano hat, reversible Twill Bodice, Celtic Chemise, Medieval Ring Belt and Two Gathered Skirts.
Price: $340.00

Crop Top

Crop Top Blouse
Our Crop Top blouse is made from fine quality cotton crepe. Designed to be worn on or off the shoulder, wear it under a bodice for the perfect Faire look.
Price: $39.95

Double-Layer Medieval Skirt

Double-Layer Medieval Skirt
Our Double-Layer Medieval Skirt, in contrasting colors, gives the option to gather-up the outer skirt with drawstrings at each side. Both skirts are sewn together at the waist, where drawstring & elastic create easy, comfortable wearing.
Price: $99.95

Eleanor Cotton Skirt 22-C1075

Eleanor Cotton Skirt
Our Eleanor Skirt is made from glazed cotton fabric. The attractive colors make it a must have for peasant & wench outfits.
Price: $59.95

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094
Our Fair Maiden's Dress is made from 100% Rayon Fabric. It features reinforced boning and coordinating trim in front. 
Price: $99.95

First Mate Wench Ensemble VL-WENCH3

First Mate Wench Ensemble VL-WENCH3
You are the perfect first mate wench. The First Mate Wench Ensemble (as pictured) includes our reversible cotton Twill Bodice, Classic Renaissance Shirt, Sailor's Pants, and Floppy Hat.
Price: $207.00

French Wench Set DK-WENCH6

French Wench Set DK-WENCH6
The French Wench Set (as pictured) includes our Capitano Hat, Drop Yoke Shirt, Satin Sash, Trews (lightweight pants), and Maid Marion Boots.
Price: $350.00

Grace O'Malley Skirt 22-C1021

Grace O'Malley Skirt
The Grace O'Malley Skirt is a simple, yet elegant crepe skirt. It has an elastic and drawstring waist.
Price: $44.95

Harem Pants VL-HPANTS

Harem Pants VL-HPANTS
Our Harem Pants are made from thick & rich cotton. Elastic Cuffs and Drawstring at waist for easy wearing. Great for men and women.
Price: $45.00

Helena Ruffled Blouse 22-C1148

Helena Ruffled Blouse
Long, wide sleeves terminating in ruffles highlight this cotton blouse. Ruffles also adorn the neckline and hem. Lacing at the back provides a shapely fit.
Price: $74.95

Irish Lass Ensemble VL-IrishLass

Irish Lady Ensemble VL-IrishLady
Our Irish Lass Ensemble features a cotton dress that is perfect for the lady on hot days. Boned in front for dramatic push up shaping.
Price: $266.00

Lady Killigrew Blouse 22-C1041

Lady Killigrew Blouse
Our Lady Killigrew Blouse is hip-length in viscose velvet. The full sleeves fit comfortably with a soft elastic cuff. A frill along the front and around the neck adds grandeur, a single button closure finishes the look.
Price: $49.95

Mary Read Blouse 22-C1017

Mary Read Shirt
Our Mary Read Blouse is made from thick rich velour fabric. It is short in front with a flowing back. Frilled eyelets in front and ruffled cuffs complete the renaissance look.
Price: $49.95

McGreedy Blouse 22-C1018

McGreedy Blouse
Our McGreedy Blouse is made from rayon fabric. It has a fully elasticized shoulder and cuff. The front opening has ties, which allow the top to be worn with or without fastening.
Price: $49.95

Medieval Cotton Irish Dress

Medieval Cotton Irish Dress VL-IRISHDRESS
Our Medieval Cotton Irish Dress is perfect for the lass on hot days. Boned in front for dramatic push-up shaping. Bodice area reversible to black. Wear with your favorite chemise and a brightly-colored Gathered Skirt.
Price: $145.00

Renaissance Leather Skirt Hikes

Leather Renaissance Skirt Hikes DK-SH
Renaissance Leather Skirt Hikes is used to keep your skirt out of the mud has never been easier than using our Skirt Hikes! Use two in front for a too long skirt, or use one to show off a colorful petticoat or even (gasp!) a trim ankle.
Price: $12.50

Ruffle Blouse 22-C1156

Ruffle Blouse
Look closely, each ruffle is edged with kingri lace, adding to the delicate nature of this beautiful cotton blouse. Lacing is provided at the back for a truly feminine fit.
Price: $74.95

Sailor Pants 22-C1078

Sailor Pants
These pants are made from 100% cotton and are offered in three color combinations. Elastic waist with wide, straight legs.
Price: $49.95

Serving Wench Ensemble TT9-002

Serving Wench Ensemble TT9-002
The Serving Wench Ensemble (as pictured) includes our Tapestry Bodice, Short Sleeved Ruffled Chemise and Sateen Skirt.
Price: $203.00

Sybbyl Cotton Blouse 22-C1151

Sybbyl Cotton Blouse
Long, flowing sleeves with drawstrings, ruffles to frame the bust, and the implied innocence of white cotton fabric. The perfect top for any damsel, distress not included.
Price: $46.95

Underbust Bodice 22-C1069

Underbust Bodice
This underbust bodice is made from rayon fabric with a beautiful velvet floral pattern. Reversible to jewel black.
Price: $49.95