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1.   Replica Western Revolver Bullets Silver - Non Firing ODBC-S ODBC-S Replica Bullets, Americana and Western Pistol Non Firing Replicas, Americana and Western Rifle Non Firing Replicas
2.   German WWII SS Visor Cap Reproduction 26-802208 26-802208 German World War II Uniforms and Camouflage, WW II Replica Uniforms, German Caps
3.   Magnetic Sword Hanger PC-100 PC-100 Sword Hangers
4.   Medieval Long Leather Buckle Belt BTS-2555 Belts for Everyone, Basic Belts
5.   Excalibur Letter Opener MD3030 MD3030 Denix Medieval Letter Openers
6.   Medieval Ring Belt BTS-2550 Belts for Everyone, Eye of Noor Movie, Basic Belts
7.   Pelican in Her Piety Button 21-2091 21-2091 Buttons and Cufflinks
8.   Sword Hanger Black 29-OH2377 29-OH2377 Sword Hangers
9.   Small Celtic Horse of Epona Button 21-2067 21-2067 Buttons and Cufflinks
10.   Men's Roman Wrap Sandals 34-1062 34-1062 Roman Period Footwear, Men's Costume Boots and Shoes
11.   Renaissance Cotton Shirt Collarless Natural Medium 29-GB3037 29-GB3037 Medieval and Renaissance Shirts
12.   Hammered Pewter Button 21-2065 21-2065 Buttons and Cufflinks, Men's Gothic Accessories, Ladies Gothic Accessories
13.   Loose Chainmail Rings - Round Ring Dome Riveted - Code 8 29-OB2345 29-OB2345 Chain Mail Rings
14.   Celtic Triskelion Knot Button 21-2248 21-2248 Buttons and Cufflinks
15.   US M36 Pistol Belt WWII MS803336 MS803336 U. S. World War II Field Gear and Equipment, WW II Replica Uniforms, U.S. WWII Field Gear and Equipment
16.   Fleur de Lis Sword Hanger OD24L OD24L Sword Hangers
17.   German WWII Jackboots Repro M39 55-0088 55-0088 German World War II Uniforms and Camouflage, WW II Replica Uniforms
18.   US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt 26-200946 26-200946 Military Clothing, United States Military Swords, Sword Belts, United States Military Swords and Sabers
19.   Small Steampunk Watch Button 21-2004 21-2004 Men's Gothic Accessories, Ladies Gothic Accessories
20.   Shield Boss, Hemispherical Dome, 7.5in 29-AB0129 29-AB0129 Functional Shields, Medieval Shields
21.   Snoods LDS-02 LDS-02 Renaissance Hats and Caps
22.   Shield Boss, Hemispherical Dome, 14G 29-AB0128 29-AB0128 Functional Shields, Medieval Shields
23.   Vertical Sword Holder OD27NQ OD27NQ Sword Hangers
24.   U.S. WWII .45 Hip Holster Brown 55-80277 55-80277 Holsters, Military Holsters and Accessories, WWII Holsters and Slings
25.   Santa Claus Leather Belt with Square Buckle BTS-2610 Basic Belts, Christmas
26.   Lady Jane Medieval Shoe 100882 100882 Ladies Boots and Shoes, Renaissance Footwear
27.   Leather Gauntlets 26-200376 26-200376 Leather Gauntlets
28.   Medieval Double Wrap Belt 200454 200454 Belts for Everyone, Sword Belts, Once Upon A Time
29.   Men's Gladiator Sandals 34-1064 34-1064 Roman Period Footwear, Men's Costume Boots and Shoes
30.   Wood Ash Pole Stave 84 Inches OX005 Medieval Reenactment Accessories, Walking Staffs and Canes, Medieval Spears & Poles