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Skeletal Crucifaction Pendant
Skeletal Crucifaction Pendant Pewter Alchemy P682 The Skeletal Crucifaction Pendant shows the ultimate price to be paid for losing a tribal dispute in the Northern territories during the Dark Ages, giving more literal and deathly meaning to how one might bear their cross.
Occisi Morte Pendant
Occisi Morte Pendant Pewter Alchemy P681 Occisi morte was killed by death. After all, Death is the ultimate end and the final reaper of life. This Occisi Morte Pendant depicts one poor soul that been abandoned on the cross where he died till only bones remained. 
Sophia's Opus Pendant
Sophia's Opus Pendant Pewter Alchemy P680 The Sophias Opus Pendant could also be the magnum opus of any jewelry maker! Fine detailing makes this accessory a fine choice for any fantasy enthusiast to wear, while the crystalline accents ensure its ultimate appeal. 
Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant
Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P679 The principle icon of a spiritualist is often the pentagram, as it symbolizes mortal protection as well as the power of spirit over the earthly elements. In the Crystalwitch Pentagram Pendant, it is a stunning accent, too. 
Drakvlya Gem Necklace
Drakvlya Gem Necklace Pewter Alchemy P678 The image of the bat remains a timeless nod to the nocturnal nature of the vampire. This Drakvlya Gem Necklace depicts a vampiric night-flier in gothic fashion worthy of the loveliest of vampiric maidens. 
A Murder of Crows Necklace
A Murder of Crows Necklace Pewter Alchemy P677 An intimidating but darkly beautiful collection of scattering corvidae is what you get when you wear the Murder of Crows Necklace. As ominous as it is, it brings only beauty when you add it to your collection.
The Emerald Dragon Choker
The Emerald Dragon Choker Pewter Alchemy P676 The forces of ancient myth and earth magic are unleashed together within the impressive appearance of The Emerald Dragon Choker. This fantasy accent will leave others speechless whenever they see it.
Apate's Duplicity Leather Choker
Apate's Duplicity Leather Choker Pewter Alchemy P675 It makes sense that a goddess of deceit would hide behind an inscrutable mask. This Apates Duplicity Leather Choker is would hide the Greek goddess quite perfectly, while still showing off her divine beauty and dark appeal. 
Black Dahlia Choker
Black Dahlia Choker Pewter Alchemy P674 Do you dare don the Black Dahlia Lace Choker? Named more for the flower, this accessory nevertheless features a mortal token at its core that reminds many of the origin of the name, while also enhancing the darkly gothic appeal. 
Vanitas Memento Mori Locket
Vanitas Memento Mori Locket Pewter Alchemy P673 The only certain thing about Death is that it is the end of all things. The Vanitas Memento Mori Locket shows the duality of life and death, while hiding a secret. The hinged head splits in the center to reveal an opening for holding keepsakes.
Huntsman's Man Tamer Necklace
Huntsman's Man Tamer Pendant Pewter Alchemy P672 The Huntsmans Man Tamer Necklace is a masterpiece from the esteemed inventor who brought you the 1740 cut-throat razor. This is one gleaming blade that you are encouraged to keep not only close at hand, but close to your throat.
Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key Pendant
Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key Necklace Pewter Alchemy P671 This is not your average steampunk key. Far from it, the ornate technological detailing of this Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key Pendant makes it look like a unique creation that was made to fit only one secure lock.
Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket
Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket Pewter Alchemy P670 Originally a replacement for the astrolabe, this quadrant measures more mysterious properties. Occultists used tools like the Enlightenment Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket for divination using the movement of the astral dragon through the stars. 
Pinkington's Precision Warp Dissection Shears Necklace
Pinkington's Precision Warp Dissection Shears Pendant Pewter Alchemy P669 These shears are not used for cutting fabric or thread but are themselves the very cutting edge of steampunk style. The Pinkingtons Precision Warp Dissection Shears Necklace is an unforgettable accent to own, wear, or carry! 
Catoptrauma Necklace
Catoptrauma Pendant Pewter Alchemy P668 Those who use the mirror to look to the future often see only darkness and doom. This Catoptrauma Necklace is an elegant accessory featuring a fine mirror cracked and shattered by the glimpse of a horrible fate. 
Moulin Rouge Vampire Necklace
Moulin Rouge Vampire Pendant Pewter Alchemy P667 Elegant ornate wings create tempting gothic appeal in this design. The Moulin Rouge Vampire Necklace is luxurious and lovely in its overall shape, creating an art nouveau style that is fit for fashionable looks. 
Natural Magic The Lore of The Forrest Pendant
Natural Magic The Lore of The Forrest Necklace Pewter Alchemy P666 For lore-seekers and knowledge-keepers, there is no greater source of knowledge than the ancient Ent. Since they have all but vanished, seekers will have to content themselves with this Natural Magic - Lore of the Forest Necklace. 
Spring Heeled Jill Pendant
The Demon in My Head Necklace Pewter Alchemy P661 Do you know how they say that beauty is only skin deep? Well this Demon in my Head Pendant is proof of that, as no matter how the outside might sparkle with crystal elegance, the interior might still be filled with something sinister.