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Black Forest Stein
This Black Forest Stein features a quiet country scene from the Black forest. A banner across the bottom states, 'Gruss a.d. Schwartzwald', and a tree border pattern enhances the peaceful design. A conical pewter lid completes the item.
Trumpeter Barrel Stein
This Trumpeter Barrel Stein has a colorful design with a trumpeter and his horse playing a call with a castle in the background. A conical pewter lid completes the piece.
Trumpeter Stein
This Trumpeter Stein has a classic, antiqued green and cream decoration. Opposite the handle is a trumpeter with his horse and a castle in the background. A conical pewter lid completes the stein.
Raised Relief Drinking Horn with Stand
This Raised Relief Drinking Horn with Stand celebrates the greatest of the Irish myth-heroes, CuChulainn, whose larger-than-life exploits were recorded in the 12th century Book of the Dun Cow. 
Raised Relief Drinking Horn
This Raised Relief Drinking Horn is cast from the original sculpt which was made in Germany by Peter Duemler in the year 1883. A strap for carrying/hanging the horn is included.
Frankfurt Stein
This Frankfurt Stein features a very detailed three-panel scene of Frankfurt, complete with Coat of Arms. Satin gold oval borders provide accents. Conical pewter lid.
Berlin Stein
Satin gold oval borders provide beautiful accents around the main subject panels of this Berlin Stein. Emphasizing the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin and the Berlin Coat of Arms opposite the handle, other famous Berlin landmarks complete the decorations. Conical pewter lid. 
Heidelberg Stein
Wonderfully detailed scenes of old Heidelberg are the subjects of this Heidelberg Stein. The three-panel format features views of the city, the castle, and the famous schools and universities of the area. Satin gold oval borders provide beautiful accents to the stein. Conical pewter lid.
This stoneware Munich Stein features a hand painted, raised relief image of Munich's famous Hofbraeuhaus, bordered by a floral motif. Pewter conical lid.
Schnitzelbank Stein
Each of the 19 handpainted panels on this Schnitzelbank Stein represents a verse in the famous drinking song. Conical pewter lid. 
Rustic Blue Traditional Stein
The degree of detail in this Rustic Blue Traditional Stein is truly exceptional. The stein features selective hand painting of the three main subject areas and careful application of background washes, border bands, and glazing. 
German Crest Stein
This German Crest Stein prominently features the German Eagle against a midnight blue background with white snow-like highlights. All 16 regional Coats of Arms are displayed around the eagle. 'Deutschland' is etched into a raised ribbon near the bottom. 
München Hofbräuhaus Stein
The main scene of this München Hofbräuhaus Stein is a quiet winter night view of the Hofbräuhaus in München, bordered with edelweiss. An antiqued, conical pewter lid completes the piece.
Firefighter Stein
This Firefighter 2 Liter Stein features a three panel design, separated by a tree branch pattern. The main panel, opposite the handle, portrays an old world fireman ready to put out a fire. 
Cobalt German Eagle Stein
This Cobalt German Eagle Stein features the most popular landmarks of Germany: Neuschwanstein, Munich, Rothenburg, Heidelberg and Berlin. The Imperial Eagle is in the foreground. 
Berlin Wall Stein 3123
This Berlin Wall Stein has a cobalt blue background and is accented with gold-leaf borders around the main subject panels. A piece of the Berlin Wall is attached to the conical pewter lid.
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