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Double Wrapped Sword Belt Left Hand Draw 200208L
Double Wrapped Sword Belt Left Hand Draw Common during the 11th-14th centuries, the Double Wrapped Sword Belt distributed the weight of the sword and scabbard across both hips, which made it extremely comfortable and prevented the belt from sagging. Left Hand Draw.
Flintlock pistol England 1798 19-FD1009L
Flintlock pistol England 1798 This Flintlock pistol England 1798, which is patterned after the flintlock a English sailor might have favored.
Deluxe Single Wall Sword Mount M1622
Deluxe Single Wall Sword Mount This Deluxe Sword Wall Display Rack will fit most Samurai swords. Featuring a Solid wood construction with a rich black lacquered wood finish. The display rack can be used to elegantly hang many different Asian swords.
Navy pistol France 1806 19-FD1006
Navy pistol France 1806 This French 1806 Navy Pistol, which is patterned after the flintlock a French sailor might have favored.
Axe-pistol Germany 17th Century 19-FD1010
Axe-pistol Germany 17th Century This 17th C. German Axe-Pistol combines the handy hand-axe or boarding axe with a flintlock to make a weapon that is doubly dangerous!
Double Sword Wall Rack OG013
Double Sword Wall Rack Double Sword Wall Rack, finished in black will display any Samurai or Asian type swords securely to your wall.
Ranger Recurve Bow 314-RB01
Ranger Recurve Bow 314-RB01 The Ranger bow is constructed of solid hickory, stained black, with distinctive recurve tips.