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Alchemist Biker Wallet
Alchemist Black Biker Wallet Alchemy LG67 The wallet is crafted entirely in quality black leather and stamped with an engraved pattern of the Alchemist skull holding a black rose between its teeth. Attached to the wallet is a 14 inch long steel chain which connects to a leather belt loop adorned with a cast pewter skull. 
Coup D'elegance Hangbag
Coup D'elegance Hangbag Alchemy LG64 This stylish bag is the final blow when it comes to setting yourself up with a truly impressive gothic style. The Coup D'elegance Shoulder Bag would make a fine addition to any daring femmes attire, thanks to its own impressive level of attitude. 
Knights Templar Tunic
Knights Templar Tunic 26-101594 Knights Templar Tunic made from medium weight white cotton material. Large red velvet Templar cross. Faux leather trim at the collar and shoulders. Splits both in the front and back, as well as both sides make it a perfect fighting tunic.
Expendables Bowie Knife
Expendables Bowie Knife GH5017 This Expendables Bowie is 20 1/2 inches overall with a 14 inch polished stainless blade. It has a synthetic ivory handle with Expendables artwork and gold-plated guard.