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Amon Ram Necklace
Amon Ram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P656 The old ways can be kept alive and well, if you so desire, by keeping their symbols near and dear to your heart. This Amon Ram Necklace allows you to wear an ancient Egyptian god's symbol as you would any great accessory. 
Eventide Bat Necklace
Eventide Bat Pendant Pewter Alchemy P655 An alluring and impressive symbol of the night can be found in this lovely Eventide Bat Necklace. More than a dozen little bats make up this pendant, creating an attractive accessory that shows them all flying. 
Skullcrusher Bat Pendant
Skullcrusher Bat Necklace Pewter Alchemy P654 For a powerful symbol of strength and darkness, look no further than this Skullcrusher Bat Pendant. A merger of gothic jewelry and wicked weapons, this pendant is every inch the warriors accent, thanks to its bold and brutal design.
Blackadder Snake Pendant
Blackadder Snake Necklace Pewter Alchemy P653 A touch of old-world heraldry is revived in this Blackadder Snake Pendant, bringing a bit of historic design and detail to a stunningly gothic accessory, one that will assuredly entice the wearer with its venomous appeal.
Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant
Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant Pewter Alchemy P651 This is one gadget that any inventor would be proud of. The Ventus Traction Farthing Pendant depicts clever modifications to a penny-farthing, which transform this humble cycle into a wondrous flying machine! 
Chaosagram Pendant
Chaosagram Pendant Pewter Alchemy P650 Independently, the Chaos Star and the Pentagram are both exceptional and powerful symbols, each with their own meaning. Together, though, they become so much more, making this Chaosagram Pendant a great personal emblem. 
Aqua Dragon Necklace
Aqua Dragon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P646 Connected with the elements, dragons have long been symbolic of power. The Aqua Dragon Necklace symbolizes not only power, but majesty, beauty, and grace that can be found within the element that gives life - water.
Marie Antoinette Necklace
Marie Antoinette Necklace Pewter Alchemy P644 The last kiss for Queen Marie Antoinette of France came from the cold edge of steel. That moment lives on in history and this stunning piece of jewelry. The Marie Antoinette Necklace is a gothic gem fit for any queen.
She Walks In Beauty Choker
She Walks In Beauty Choker Pewter Alchemy P640 Written by Lord Byron, She Walks in Beauty is a well-known poem about a lovely lady with enthralling beauty. The same beauty applies to this She Walks in Beauty Choker, which has elegant style fit for any lady. 
Tears Of Grief Necklace
Tears Of Grief Necklace Pewter Alchemy P638 Tragedy can sometimes give rise to something beautiful. The Tears of Grief Necklace is one example, where the notion of grief has created a cascade of beauty that is sure to appeal to any gothic girl with elegance in mind. 
Dragon Skull Pendant
Dragon Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy P625 There might not be any flesh and blood attached to this bone, but do not underestimate how ferocious a dragon truly is, even in a skeletal state. This dragon skull is impeccably detailed, featuring impressive ridges and decorations that run along its eyes and its maw.
Birth of a Demon Pendant
Birth of a Demon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P622 Behold the skull of an emerging nightmare. The Birth Of A Demon Pendant depicts only the skull of a fledgling demon as it emerges into the world. This sinister skull glares maliciously as it hangs from a pair of chains. 
Skull of Azrael Pendant
Skull of Azrael Pendant Pewter Alchemy P620 The name Azrael is associated with many different figures. Here in this Skull of Azrael Pendant, it is representative of a nefarious and sinister demon, depicted as a human skull with long, twisting horns on its head. 
Black Knight's Cross Pendant
Black Knight's Cross Pendant Pewter Alchemy P617 If a good knight is awarded a medal for his valorous acts, then what is an evil knight given for his dastardly deeds? Perhaps it is something like the Black Knights Cross Pendant in support of his nefariousness. 
Kaspar's Axe Pendant
Kaspar's Axe Pendant Pewter Alchemy P616 You will never need another blade again so long as you wear the Kaspars Axe Pendant around your neck! This wicked pendant takes the shape of an impressive-looking axe that would be perfect for cutting a swathe through the hordes. 
US 1917 Forty Five Holster WWI Reproduction
US 1917 Forty Five Holster WWI Reproduction US 1917 Forty Five Holster WWI Reproduction is an exact replica of the official WWI holster used by U.S. troops for the 1917 model .45 revolver. Made from sturdy top quality leather, embossed with U.S., fits belts up to 3 inches wide.
Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Statue
Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Statue 26-159 In the Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth is played by Gwendoline Christie. Astonishingly detailed in its design, the Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Statue is crafted to perfectly resemble Brienne of Tarth.
Game of Thrones Playing Cards Second Edition
Game of Thrones Playing Cards Second Edition 28-503 The Game of Thrones Playing Cards Second Edition is a must have. You can now enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way with the Game of Thrones Playing Cards 2nd Edition.