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Herz Leben Pendant
Herz Leben Necklace Pewter Alchemy P702 A symbol of eternal life, the ankh in this pendant melds subtly with the background heart and prominent amethystine gem. The Herz Leben Pendant displays the distinctive cross-with-handle shape with gothic details. 
Viennese Nights Necklace
Viennese Nights Pendant Pewter Alchemy P701 Decorative Renaissance scrollwork fashions the bodies of the quintessential creatures of the night in the design of this necklace. The Viennese Nights Necklace features a large bat with a dark Swarovski crystal forming the body. 
Bacchanal Rose Necklace
Bacchanal Rose Pendant Pewter Alchemy P700 This sumptuous necklace hints at a secret libertine passion for wine and other pleasures with its romantic motif. The Bacchanal Rose Necklace displays several black acrylic roses of various sizes in the center of the design. 
Asmodeus Pendant
Asmodeus Necklace Pewter Alchemy P699 According to ancient myths, the union of a king and a succubus yielded one of the seven princes of hell, the demon of lust. The Asmodeus Pendant depicts his symbol, that of a horned demon skull with great gothic style. 
Gothic Devotion Cross Pendant
Gothic Devotion Cross Necklace Pewter Alchemy P698 One of the most potent and widely used amulets in the world, the cross has long been a symbol of devotion and religious belief. The Gothic Devotion Cross Pendant takes the shape of a treflee, also called the Apostles Cross. 
German M43 Army - Waffen SS Wool Field Cap EM Enlisted - WWII Repro
German M43 Army - Waffen SS Wool Field Cap EM Enlisted - WWII Repro German M43 Army - Waffen SS Wool Field Cap for Enlisted men. These field caps are made in Germany from the highest quality wool which has been custom made to match the original field grey wool colors from WW2.
Ravenine Pendant
Ravenine Necklace Pewter Alchemy P697 The raven has been a symbol of protection, information, and dark secrets from early times in history, appearing in Christian, Celtic, and Norse stories. The Ravenine Pendant depicts one of these clever birds in mid-flight. 
Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant
Thor's Hammer Amulet Necklace Pewter Alchemy P696 This token amulet can be worn discreetly at all times in hopes of gaining protection, strength, healing, and fertility from Thor. The Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant depicts Mjolnir, the famous weapon of the Norse thunder god. 
The Romance of The Black Rose Pendant
Black Rose in Bloom Necklace Pewter Alchemy P695 The most desired bloom known to mankind, the rose catches the fancy with its shape, smell, and incomparable beauty. The The Romance of The Black Rose Pendant features a single rose on a long stem, crafted with intricate detail.
Cloud Pilots Sextant Pendant
Cloud Pilots Sextant Necklace Pewter Alchemy P694 No navigator should ever be without their Cloud Pilots Sextant Pendant! This tool is an essential navigational instrument that allows anyone to fully exploit their scientific knowledge when it comes to guiding airships.
O Fortuna Pendant
O Fortuna Pendant Pendant Pewter Alchemy P693 The O Fortuna Wing Pendant is a combination of things, most prominently symbols. It offers a subtle yet striking accessory for all kinds of gothic apparel, possessing rich meaning in the natural and spiritual worlds. 
Love Imprisoned Pendant
Love Imprisoned Pendant Pewter Alchemy P692 A well-known pearl of wisdom claims that every rose has its thorn, or that beautiful things can indeed by painful or deadly. The Love Imprisoned Pendant embodies that notion, surrounding a tender heart with barbed wire. 
Inamorato Heart Locket
Inamorato Heart Locket Pewter Alchemy P690 The heart locket is richly adorned with Swarovski crystals and scrollwork. A central skull and lock design complements the draped key dropper accent, while the pendant is worn via elegant satin ribbon.
A Rose for Eve Necklace
A Rose for Eve Pendant Pewter Alchemy P689 The cunning serpent knew his target well when he infiltrated the garden of biblical lore. A Rose for Eve Pendant embodies a sinister gift freely offered, the picture of foul poison veiled by dark, mysterious beauty. 
Serpents Eye Necklace
Serpents Eye Pendant Pewter Alchemy P688 A writhing trio of serpents marks this Serpents Eye Pendant as their home. Fear not, though, for as sinister as it may sound, this pendant symbolizes wisdom and healing, embodying the power of the serpent to heal and protect.
Black Trinity Trident Pendant
Black Trinity Trident  Necklace Pewter Alchemy P686 This three-pronged fork of the demons signifies the wearers intent to cast darkness over all that lies before them. Worn and wicked, few can deny the devilish appeal that is a part of the Black Trinity Trident Pendant. 
Flaming V Guitar Pendant
Flaming V Guitar Necklace Pewter Alchemy P685 A metal axe-man should never be without his weapon of choice! Now you can totally rock your style in a literal sense, by adding this Flaming V Guitar Pendant to your style. This way, everyone will know that you rock. 
Norsemen Raider's Cross Pendant
Norsemen Raider's Cross Necklace Pewter Alchemy P684 As far as this cross is concerned, it is just business as usual for the converted barbarian brutes. This Norsemen Raiders Cross Pendant resembles a typical Celtic cross but with a gothic twist that salutes its Viking roots.