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Death Valley Skull Pendant
Death Valley Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP38 Are you ready to face the hell-rider? This Death Valley Skull and Spanner bones Necklace is the gothic emblem of gear-heads and grease-monkeys everywhere, bringing death-metal and mechanical style to any attire with ease. 
Snake Of Aces Pendant
Snake Of Aces Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP37 You could say that it takes a particular kind of luck to get snake-eyes on a roll of the dice. This Snake Of Aces Pendant combines the good and bad, making it a general symbol of how quickly the luck can turn. 
Geronimo Skull Pendant
Geronimo Skull Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP36 Usually, when you are going to dive into the unknown, the appropriate word to call out is, Geronimo! With the Geronimo Skull Necklace, the spirit of this brave warrior appears as a skull to bring its wearer fearlessness.
Steel Guitar Pendant
Steel Guitar Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP35 When you wear this pendant, there will be no question about it. You will be ready to rock and roll. The Steel Guitar Pendant takes a literal view on the term steel guitar, immortalizing this rock instrument in metal form.
Hole In The Head Pendant
Hole In The Head Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP34 Who needs a hole in the head? Not to worry, no violence committed. You can just adorn yourself with this wicked and wonderful little Hole in the Head Pendant! Usually this is a fatal experience, but not with this accessory.
Switchblade Chain Choker
Switchblade Chain Choker Pewter Alchemy ULP31 Usually when someone approaches with a switchblade and a knuckleduster, there is going to be a fight. Not so with the Switchblade Chain Choker, as it shows the rough beauty that can be found in even the most deadly of items.
Let's Rock Pendant
Let's Rock Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP28 If you want to rock, you will need a mic, some vocals, and tunes. With this Lets Rock Pendant, you will have a critical part of that equation around your neck as a tribute to good tunes and good times. 
Trap Jaw Skull Pendant
Trap Jaw Pendant Pewter Alchemy ULP3 The skull is a classic element of gothic style, and there is no denying that fact. This Trap Jaw Skull Pendant is an iconic example set apart by its articulated jaw. 
Devil Heart Ring
Devil Heart Ring Pewter Alchemy ULFR6 Is your style of love filled with angel wings and harp music, or do you like to be just a little wicked? The Devil Heart Ring displays a bright red enamel heart with silvery, pointed horns and a twining, forked tail. 
Tough Love Ring
Tough Love Ring Pewter Alchemy ULFR5 Just because a girl is all heart does not mean that she is a push-over! The Tough Love Duster Ring is a symbolic merger of passion and violence for the gothic girl who does not mind showing her feelings and then kicking butt.
Raven Ear Wing Earring Wrap
Raven Ear Wing Earring Wrap Pewter Alchemy E355 Our Raven Ear Wing Earring Wrap is like a personal tutelary, ready to impart its supernatural intelligence to its master and invoking uncanny powers of protection, the black raven raffishly embraces the ear of its owner.
Rabeschadel Skull Choker
Rabeschadel Skull Choker Pewter Alchemy P736 Rabeschadel is German for "raven's skull". The Ravens are a great black birds that are famous for their prophetic powers.  The Ravens are as the eyes and ears of Odin can foretell the future.
Caw at the Moon Pendant
Caw at the Moon Pendant Pewter Alchemy P735 Our Caw at the Moon Pendant has a glowing lunar disk that dramatically silhouettes an already black and portentous raven. It is perched above the earth in its otherworldly attentiveness. 
Uncle Alberts Timepiece Choker
Uncle Alberts Timepiece Choker Pewter Alchemy P729 This is a miniature 13-hour Lunar-time fob watch and its essential accoutrements from the Victorian era. This Uncle Albert¬ís Timepiece Choker will grace your neck of a sophisticated steampunk mistress. 
Golgotha Skull Pendant
Golgotha Pendant Pewter Alchemy P717 The place of the skull, and the site of the crucifixion depicted by a deferentially chained cross and black crystal mark the scene of a deep and passionate suffering, worn to express emotional desolation as only a true goth knows how. 
German M38 Panzer Overseas Side Cap - Officer - Repro
German M38 Panzer Overseas Side Cap - Officer - Repro German M38 Panzer Overseas Side Cap, Black Wool, for Officer's. These Overseas Caps are made in Germany from the highest quality wool which has been custom made to match the original black wool colors.
Doctor Who Time Vortex Pendant
Doctor Who Time Vortex Pendant Here's some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey...stuff you'll really like! This necklace features an antique-finish zinc alloy pendant with an 18-inch chain necklace (and 3-inch extender) and a lobster clasp. Take it for a spin!
Doctor Who 10th Doctor Swirly Neck Tie
Doctor Who 10th Doctor Swirly Neck Tie Add a little swirly to your timey-wimey wardrobe. From the TARDIS's closest to yours comes this replica of one of the tenth Doctor's neck ties. One size fits most Time Lords.