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LARP Pirate Shirt - Deep Red
The pirate shirt is a timeless shirt perfect for fairs, LARP and Cosplay. This medium weight cotton shirt features tied cuffs, laced v-neckline collar and ample full length sleeves. A great look for pirates, swashbucklers and musketeers.
Small Fairy Moon Leather Blank Book - 5 X 7 Inches
The Small Fairy Moon leather blank book features the hand-tooled image of a fairy, sitting within the crescent of the moon as though it were a great swing. 5in x 7in. Antique brass lock. 110 pages.
Late Medieval LARP Pauldrons
Our Late Medieval LARP polyurethane Pauldrons are perfect for almost any type of re-enactment possibilities. The tough, lightweight material is nearly indestructible, while offering the look of real metal with no rust!
LARP Late Medieval Vambrace / Lower Arm Armor
These Late Medieval Vambraces / Lower Arm Armor, comprise the upper cannon, smooth couter (elbow armor) and lower cannon. Complete with straps and shoulder fixing holes. Sold as a pair. Weight: 3 lbs
LARP Full Italian Greaves
Full set of Italian greaves with metal finish. Fronts and backs. Sold as a pair, complete with straps. Weight: 2 lbs. Suited for people over 6 feet tall.
LARP Female Breastplate Set
Female Breastplate with matching backplate, and pauldrons. Complete with straps.
Female Armor - Full Suit of Ladies Armor
Female Armor - Full Suit of Ladies Armor
Plain Leather Belt Blank 2-3/8 inches Wide
Our 48 inch long belt blank is made of quality leather without holes. You can punch as many holes in it as needed to match your time period. Great for Pirates and reenactors. 2-3/8 inches wide.
Leather And Lace Knee High Boots
These beautiful Faux Leather and Lace Knee High Boots feature a lace overlay, a 2.5 inch heel and lace-up front.
Diagonal Pirate Sash
Ahoy all pirates we have a new Diagonal Pirate Sash! Two wonderful sashes in Blood Red or Midnight Black. These pirate accessories come in generous lengths and are designed to wrap around your waist twice before knotting.
Short Bearded Viking Axe
The throwing-length Bearded Viking Axe had a Beard or increased depth at the lower end of the blade, adding the rigidity needed for a weapon that could also be used for chopping chores.
Antiqued Prison Handcuffs ONC70A
These functional replica Antiqued Prison Handcuffs come with a key and are made of steel and replicate the originals in use during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs for you medieval dungeon? These Medieval handcuffs will do the trick. Simply twist the key to the right and the handcuffs open, turn to the left and the handcuffs are locked.
US M1917 Doughboy Helmet with Liner WWI Reproduction
U.S. M1917 Doughboy Helmet reproduction made from an original M1917 pattern helmet. Steel shell is made from 18 gauge steel. Replica helmet is built to the same specs down to the string, metal and adjustable coated canvas liner.
Woodland Elf Ear Wrap
Woodland Elf Ear Wrap in pewter. An elf’s ear, disposed to the natural surroundings of such a creature, in the form of a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. Left Ear, Right Ear or Pair.
Medieval Tabard Off White - Black Trim
The Medieval Tabard is inspired from medieval tabards and is a sleeveless, open sided garment worn over your outfit or armor. This tabard is made from a medium weight cotton that is similar to our medieval surcoats.
English Close Helm - 16th Century
The 16th century European Close Helm is the classic Knight's helmet. The full visor and bevor are pivoted from bolts on each side of the skull. 16 gauge steel, comes with steel rivets.
Basic Medieval Tunic - Black/Red
Basic Medieval Tunic keeps you cool during the summer months. Lightweight tunic fits well and provides a perfect medieval period look. Contrasting border at the neck, hem and cuffs. Full length arms, worn by men or women. Great for LARP.
Skull Carbon Fiber Cane With Spike SD12720
The skull, the most ancient of symbols of mortality, represents to some mastery of influence over ones fate. Our Skull Cane from Dragon King empowers its owner to sway the waves of uncertainly in their favor. The finely detailed silver skull head piece nestles in the palm for easy use as a simple walking cane.
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