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Live Now Stud Earrings
Live Now Stud Earrings Pewter Alchemy ULFE5 Many advocate living in the now and just leaving the future to be whatever may come. That mentality is reflected in these Live Now Stud Earrings, which depict a skull that is only concerned enjoying the present. 
Razor Chain Bracelet
Razor Chain Bracelet Pewter Alchemy ULFA5 This Razor Chain Bracelet is a safe way to wrap some razor blades around your wrist without risking life and limb, allowing you to cut an impressive look with a surreal and astounding style that will awe others! 
UL13 Playing Cards
UL13 Playing Cards Alchemy ULCARD Do you love card games? How about a handsome set of playing cards, as bold as they are attractive and artistic? The UL13 Playing Cards are covered in stunning and stylish art, making every card you draw that much better.
German MP 38/40 Afrika Korps Canvas Pouches - WWII Repro
German MP 38/40 Afrika Korps Canvas Pouches - WWII Repro German MP 38/40 Afrika Korps Canvas Pouches, light tan color. Replicas utilizing the same materials as the original issue. Used by DAK troops in Northern Africa during WW2. Leather and heavy canvas with white thread. FREE US SHIPPING.
Russian Roulette Belt Buckle
Russian Roulette Belt Buckle Pewter Alchemy ULB7 Eager to play games with the Grim Reaper? Leave your fate up to chance with the aid of this one-bullet revolving gun cylinder. The Russian Roulette Buckle depicts the face of a gun, revealing one golden bullet in the chambers. 
Death Valley Buckle
Death Valley Buckle Pewter Alchemy ULB6 Meet the hell rider as he now has gotton a license to cruise. The Death Valley Skull and Spannerbones Belt Buckle is a speed demon dream, combining the gothic look of a skull and crossbones with a modern gear-head style. 
Tattoo Gun Lighter
Tattoo Gun Lighter Pewter Alchemy ULAZ3 The Tattoo Gun Lighter, which is not only useful but also attractively decorated. This petrol lighter has a tried and true look and style that has long been a favorite among consumers. 
US M3 Leather Shoulder Holster for M1911A1 .45 - Russet WWII Repro
US M3 Leather Shoulder Holster for M1911A1 .45 - Russet WWII Repro US M3 Leather Shoulder Holster for M1911A1 .45. Holster fits anything close in size to the 1911, Beretta 92, full size Glocks etc. Used by Pilots, Aircrews, Officers and Tank crews. Correct color, full grain leather. FREE US SHIPPING.
Sacred Ink Bracelet
Sacred Ink Bracelet Pewter Alchemy ULA9 For some, ink is not merely for illustrating. For some, it is a lifestyle. For those who live by a creed of ink, there is no better accent to wear than this Sacred Ink Leather Wrist Strap, which mimics a tattoo design. 
German M38 Army Overseas Side Cap - EM Enlisted - Repro
German M38 Army Overseas Side Cap - EM Enlisted - Repro German M38 Army Overseas Side Cap, Field Grey Wool, for Enlisted men. These Overseas Caps are made in Germany from the highest quality wool which has been custom made to match the original field grey wool colors.
Amon Ra Ring
Amon Ra Ring Pewter Alchemy R202 The ancient Egyptian god of creativity and fertility, Amon Ra is astrologically related to the constellation and astrological sign of Aries. The Amon Ra Ring transforms a detailed ram skull into a wonderful thing of Baroque beauty. 
Rebeschadel Ring
Rebeschadel Ring Pewter Alchemy R201 German for Ravens Skull, this Rabeschadel Ring features a sculpted pewter raven skull design set on a split ring shank. Ravens are famous in myth for their prophetic powers, acting as the messengers of Odin and capable of telling the future.
Quanta Mechanica Cosmonatallogy Ring
Quanta Mechanica Cosmonatallogy Ring Pewter Alchemy R200 This rare and ingenious device can divine the secrets and curiosities of the universe, combining mysticism and science in its design. The Quanta Mechanica Cosmonatallogy Ring makes a wonderful accessory for your steampunk outfit. 
The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring
The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring Pewter Alchemy R199 This token of forlorn devotion from the Lady of the palace in Renaissance Venice makes a charming accessory for any style. The Dogaressa Last Love Ring features an ornate design that suspends a blue Swarovski crystal heart.
Bower Troth Ring
Bower Troth Ring Pewter Alchemy R198 Offered as a token of love to a lady in her special, hidden sanctuary, the Bower Troth Ring shall enchant, charm, and engage the object of your affections in a heartfelt pledge of faith with its elegant and sparkling appearance. 
Flocking Raven Ring
Flocking Raven Ring Pewter Alchemy R197 Beware the raven, for its eyes are not only its own. What it sees, Odin himself may also see! The Raven Flight Ring fits a captive corvus on your finger, making one of Odins own messenger-birds into an accent for your look. 
Cross of Iron Ring
Cross of Iron Ring Pewter Alchemy R196 A cross means more than just spirituality. In the crusades, it was a martial emblem as well. This Cross of Iron Ring returns this ages-old symbol to those roots, with a design that intensifies its overall appeal. 
Viking Virility Runering Ring
Viking Virility Runering Ring Pewter Alchemy R195 A bindrune is a type of rune that encompasses two or more runes to create a greater meaning. This Viking Virility Runering utilizes two such runes to channel positive effects that any warrior would wish to have.