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Feburary 15, 2015
Customer Service
I can not say enough as to how good you took care of my order.  Letting me know what was not in stock right away and suggesting other items.  You have done a great job.  I will be back again soon.

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We are the oldest online merchants of Medieval swords, Medieval and Renaissance clothing, leather and functional steel armour and LARP gear. We supply collectors, reenactors and LARP (live action role-playing) groups with high quality swords, chainmail, helms, shields, jewelry and historical accessories. We search the world so that we can offer historical reproductions for your fun and enjoyment as well as your re-enactment and historical needs.

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Roman Shield Ready For Use RFU3853E

Our Roman Shield Ready For Use, a functional lower priced version of our Roman Shield or Scutum. Sturdy Roman Shield Scutum carried by Roman soldiers from 100 A.D. onward. Wooden with Steel central boss, sturdy grip, authentically painted.
Sku: RFU3853E  Price:$200.00

Roman Greaves

The Roman Greaves were designed to protect the lower leg from the cut of a sword or the vicious kicking that occurred during battle.
Sku: 26-300010  Price:$71.95

Lorica Segmentata Roman Armor

The Lorica Segmentata is believed to have been introduced in the ranks of the Roman Army during the first century A.D. and widely used at the height of the Roman Empire.
Sku: 26-300176  Price:$265.95

Roman Lorica Segmentata AH-3851

The Lorica Segmentata was worn by the Roman Legions as they marched through history and built the glory that was Rome. Corbridge Type A.
Sku: AH-3851  Price:$255.00

Roman Lorica Segmentata Arm Attachment AH-3851-A

The Roman Lorica Segmentata Arm Attachment is segmented armour protection for the full arm. Straps and buckles are included.
Sku: AH-3851-A  Price:$90.00

Roman Lorica Segmenta Stainless Steel AH-3851-S

The Roman Lorica Segmenta was worn by the Roman Legions as they marched through history and built the glory that was Rome. Our lorica is a Stainless Steel reproduction. Corbridge Type A.
Sku: AH-3851-S  Price:$525.00

Scale Armour Plain AH-3857-B

Our Scale Armour is not only very attractive to look at, it is also easy to wear. Made from medium aluminum scales that are very light, will not rust.
Sku: AH-3857-B  Price:$799.00

Greek Muscle Cuirass AH-3875

Greek Muscle Cuirass: During the Archaic period, Spartans were armoured with flanged bronze breast and back plates like our Greek Muscle Cuirass.
Sku: AH-3875  Price:$342.00

Short Muscle Cuirass Bronze AH-3876

Short Muscle Cuirass with Bronze Finish: During the Archaic period, Spartans were armoured with flanged bronze breast and back plates like our Short Muscle Cuirass.
Sku: AH-3876  Price:$299.00

Roman Leather Muscle Armour AH-6071-L

Roman Leather Muscle Armour, includes a breast and back plate in hardened leather.
Sku: AH-6071-L  Price:$270.00

Royal Muscled Cuirass AH-6071-R

The Royal Muscled Cuirass has a black breast and back plate held together with metal pins.
Sku: AH-6071-R  Price:$550.00

Samnite Triple Disc Cuirass AH-6088B

Samnite Triple Disc Cuirass in Brass c. 300 BCE, from a restored panoply in the Paestum Museum in Italy. Worn by Samnite warriors during the Samnite Wars with Rome.
Sku: AH-6088B  Price:$475.00

Greek Horseman Muscle Armour Brass AH-6097-B

The Greek Horseman Muscle Armour is unusual with its widened form. Designed to replace a standard breastplate that would obstruct a soldier riding a horse.
Sku: AH-6097-B  Price:$450.00

Greek Greaves AH-6121

Brass Greek Greaves, leather lined, includes straps and buckles. One size, sold as a pair.
Sku: AH-6121  Price:$285.00

Articulated Greek Greaves AH-6122

Our Articulated Greek Greaves come in steel. One size. Sold as a Pair.
Sku: AH-6122  Price:$128.00

Gladiator Retarius Arena Net AH-6263

Our Gladiator Retarius Arena Net is an authentic reproduction of the Roman Retaruis. This net would make a great addition to your Gladiator display.
Sku: AH-6263  Price:$65.00

Roman Lorica 18G 29-AB0006

The Roman Lorica from Get Dressed For Battle is Solidly constructed in 18 gauge steel, based on an original piece. This Lorica Segmentata will fit chest sizes up to 44". Fittings are cast in brass.
Sku: 29-AB0006  Price:$269.00

Roman Commander Vambraces 300449

Our Roman Commander Vambraces were the wrist armor of a Roman Officer. Hand formed from steel, plated in Brass and antiqued to accurately capture the screen used look. Made from the actual hero prop.
Sku: 26-888015  Price:$75.00

50 B.C. Historical Early Roman Officers Armor Set 62-8155

Ancient Historical Brass Armour Display. Early armor of Rome and Greece were influenced heavily by each other and it would not be unusual to see early Roman armies wearing armour and helmets similar to those worn by the soldiers of Greece and Gaul.
Sku: 62-8155  Price:$530.00

Blonde Plume Roman Centurion Armour 62-8157

Our Blonde Plume Roman Centurion Armour, circa: 110 B.C. A select number of distinguished Roman officers known as "Centurions" were so-named because they originally were in control of large legions of roughly 100 men.
Sku: 62-8157  Price:$620.00

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